Friday, June 4, 2010

What's worse than cho dofu "stinky dofu"? How about.....

Iceland...... which is a country where raw puffin hearts,
pickled rams’ testicles and putrefying shark flesh are all regularly

and......Sweden ....has a regional version of pickled herring that requires burying
the fish until it rots - that's it. Even other Swedes draw the line

A friend of mine has tried the Swedish
version, surströmming (sour herring, for sour,  read rotten)and its
delicious when eaten in a flatroll with potato, chopped onion and sour
cream, but you need a clothes peg in your nose, it stinks, if you open a
can indoors the smell will linger for days.

But .....Iceland ...and Sweden .....are not the only places where this type of culinary adventurism
is to be found. Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, India and other places have that too.

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Anonymous said...

I nominate menudo, which is pretty bad, to me. They eat these beetle larvae in Zaire, which are pretty awful too, and fermented fufu from West Africa is right up there too.