Saturday, June 5, 2010

Waterman: popular Taiwanese singer of pop songs on MTV

Waterman debuted nearly 3 years ago in his Waterman white suit. And just like other masked perforemrs, Waterman only appears in public in his white suit, which has many fans curious about the man behind the silly mask.

The mysterious Waterman first became famous after appearing in a commercial in 2008. He has since released his 2 albums and continues to promote the spirit of good deeds. For his latest album 2010 Greatest Love, Waterman is on a mission to accomplish 15 good deeds in 15 days, such as visiting a seniors’ home, helping a college student to confess, and picking up garbage at a beach.

For the title song “Greatest Love”, Waterman traveled around in a recording vehicle to collect the voices of 10,000 people. He hopes to change the world with the power of love. The singer will donate all proceeds from his album to World Vision minus production costs.

Many fans are still curious about the real identity of Waterman, and some even came up with conspiracy theories like singer Crowd Lu is the masked man. Their question was finally answered because Libertiytimes happened to catch a glimpse of the real Waterman. On the 16th, Waterman was on his way back to Taipei after travelling in his Water-mobile. He lost his step while getting off the car and almost fell, but he still managed to give his staff a thumb-up after finding his balance.

Waterman returned to his office to change his clothes, and headed over to a nearby restaurant with his staff. Interestingly, Waterman himself was missing as the group was walking out, but a young man with blonde streaks wearing a pair of flip flops joined them. After comparing the mole on his face and his voice, it was certain that the blonde boy was indeed Waterman himself.

Apparently, Waterman is under an agreement that forbiddens his face from being shown. Therefore, he has to remain masked at all time no matter what kind of event it is. After his face was made public, his record company said it did break the rule a bit, but luckily their advertisers understood that it wasn’t intentional: “As long as everyone knows he is someone promoting “doing more good deeds”, then that’s fine”!

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