Sunday, April 3, 2011

How the Salvation Army and World Vision use disasters and tragedies to recuit displaced people in the name of Christ and increase their fundraising capital. Shame on these phonies! In the name of Christ, my eye!

“Ame ni Mo Makezu,” is one of non-Christian Japan’s most famous poems. Roughly translated, the title means “don’t be defeated by the rain.” Its inspirational Buddhist message encourages people to have hope and fight the world’s heartache by standing up for those in need.

Communist-China loving Jackie Chan and dozens of fake and empty Hong Kong singers and actors have adapted this Buddhist poem into a new song, “Succumb Not to Sorrow,” was the theme of their Japan relief concert on April 1 in Hong Kong with proceeds from the event going to The Salvation Army’s relief efforts to recruit more people for Jesus and use the Japanese disaster to raise funds for their global recruiting for Jesus efforts. Kinda sad, doncha think?

But Jackie Chan isn’t the only celebrity using his star power to help Japan. We reported last week that Britney Spears donated 2 VIP tickets to her free Sunday performance taping for Good Morning America. California radio station Wild 94.9 decided to auction them off and donate the proceeds to The Salvation Army’s ''SAVE A JAPANESE SOUL FOR CHRIST'' disaster efforts. We heard the winning bidder put up $1,136 for the tickets, which will go straight to supporting the Army's ''SAVE A JAPANESE SOUL FOR CHRIST'' crusade in disaster hit Japan!

For our latest Japan relief update and more on our ''SAVE A JAPANESE SOUL FOR CHRIST'' thing, google us.


RE: ”With its Christian heritage and motivation, The Salvation Army continues its unique service to all people in the name of Christ.”

SEE? you do all this not because you care about the Japanese people or are concerned about them post qauke …..this is all about recuriting people for CHRIST…shame on you all, you unAmerican missionaries!
and you then  fool the gullibbe Chinese and Jacke Chan and the 170 stars in HK into thinking they are helping Japan when in fact this is all a huge massive recruiting effort for Jesus the unson of the ungod… are all fakes and ungodly people, you Salvation army hippocrites. When the world wakes up to how you Christians use trageduise like this to increase your funding raise and capital and catch more people for the fake Christ you worship, you will be exposed,. you and World Vision are the same fake unAmerican and unBritish fakes…shame on you. Kuso!

You care not one wit about the Japanese survivors. you just want more soulds for Jesus. You are the slime of religion.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

ló - lat [Taiwanese language research item]

A friend's khan-tshiú (牽手 / 太太) indicates that "ló lat" has disappeared from use among younger Taiwanese because of the Mandarin education system reducing the opportunities for the younger generation to speak Taiwanese with their older family members. BTW, the first response she gave him when he asked her to tell him about the word (he gave her no contextual clues about why he was asking) was that it was like "辛苦."