Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dr Chris Huntingford

Chris Huntingford

Climate Modeller

His main interest is in how humans may alter the climate system through the burning of fossil fuels, and with an emphasis on interactions within the global carbon cycle. Based at CEH, there is a further emphasis on terrestrial ecosystem functioning, and on land-atmosphere feedbacks as atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations increase. Key questions still to be fully answered are: “Will the terrestrial carbon cycle remain a sink of carbon dioxide in to the future?” “How do other geochemical cycles interact with terrestrial carbon stores (e.g. methane, nitrogen, ozone)?”
Central to much of the large-scale analysis we undertake in CEH is the use of the JULES land surface model and the IMOGEN climate impacts modelling system. Through our tight links to the Met Office Hadley Centre, we are fortunate in seeing some of our research findings being placed in the full numerical framework of their Global Circulation Model (GCM).
Before coming to CEH, I was a student at the University of Cambridge, where I studied mathematics, and then at Oxford University, researching a problem in fluid dynamics.

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