Friday, June 4, 2010

"Tonight's English a Second Language class has been cancelled" - hilarious cartoon!

A comic I saw in local snailpaper here in Taiwan the other day:

scene: a classroom of students for an English as a second language class at night......and a notice on the blackboard (greenboard) reads: "Tonight's English a Second Language class has been cancelled" and in the room, in front of the empty teacher's desk sit a dozen students just waiting for the class to begin......I didn't get it at first, I had to look and look until ....finally.....I got it!
grapfhics said, 1 day ago

Mr. Parkhill is unwell tonight.

margueritem said, 1 day ago

And none of them know what it says…..

margueritem said, 1 day ago

‘Morning Grapfhics!

Sheik Yerbouti said, 1 day ago

It’s going to be a long wait for the teacher to show up.

Grog said, 1 day ago

They’ll figure it out by the end of class.

WoodEye said, 1 day ago

Now that is TRULY funny!

joefish25 said, 1 day ago

I agree, WoodEye, very funny

Ash said, 1 day ago

@marg: really?

Yukoneric said, 1 day ago

¿No hablo, qué dice?

Ji2m said, 1 day ago


Doctor Toon said, 1 day ago

Universal Translator - Don’t leave your home planet without it.

LKD said, 1 day ago

This is the funniest comic in a long while. C’est tres magnifique!

Despite the writing on the wall, the students never saw it coming.

vldazzle said, 1 day ago

Not a very good teacher; they haven’t learned anything yet and teacher overestimates their skillsets.

David Mattera said, 1 day ago


jadoo823 said, 1 day ago

Illiterate? Write for information…

GoodQuestion said, 1 day ago

What we have here is failure to communicate.

mmburke33 said, 1 day ago

speech less

Anandgyan said, 1 day ago

This is a great one!

Coffee-Turtle said, 1 day ago

LOL!! Love it!

@Dr.Toon, good one about the Universal Translator.

Live Long and Perspire!

jglynn said, 1 day ago

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LKD said, 1 day ago

Is it ok to flag John’s post for ads? XD

Thanks for the anouncement. I do wonder if Scott Hilburn will ever post here?

sskelton said, 1 day ago

love it!

worldisacomic said, 1 day ago

This classroom is in the L. A. Unified School District that just voted to boycott Arizona! Oh I’m sorry! Did I just intellectually profile those Morons!

hopeandjoy2 said, 1 day ago

Having taken some foreign language as well as helped teach English as a second language, I so do love this particular comic!

Lisa said, 1 day ago

In college I had an Asian (with strong accent) teaching my Spanish class!

Iphelia said, 1 day ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE the guy in the front whistling!

DirtyDragon said, 1 day ago

Hello! My name is Mister Ziskey…

♪ I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still… ♪


Joe-Allen "Joe" Doty said, 1 day ago

I actually could teach English as a 2nd Language to native speakers of several different languages.

I used to watch the syndicated TV series, “What A Country!”, when I lived in North Hollywood. It was about students learning English as a 2nd language. The teacher had to have a very good sense of humor to get his points across.

When Maria was asked where she was from, she wouldn’t say what country, she would always say, “Beverly Hills, near Gucci.” She was a maid in Beverly Hills.

When I was a full-time foreign language teacher, I sometimes had to explain the rules of Standard American English grammar to my senior high school students who should have known all of that by the time they finished the 6th grade.

Robert Peters said, 1 day ago

Clearly not the advanced class.

tsandl said, 1 day ago

Truth is stranger than fiction. I once worked for a manufacturing plant that one day posted some new safety procedures all around the building without making any announcements. I and some of my coworkers politely reminded the management that we had quite a few immigrants working for us who could not read English very well. The next day, they posted new copies with an additional instruction: “If you have trouble reading these directions, have your supervisor explain them to you.”

Sandor_at_the_Zoo said, 1 day ago

Good thing. Canceled is mispelled (OK, for U.S. English.)

captainedd said, about 2 hours ago

Just as bad for some of the English as a First Language classes, also.

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