Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saving print newspapers with a song

Saving print newspapers with a song

Saving print newspapers with a song (Steve Hall) says today: "Danny Bloom tries to save the

old fashioned 'snailpaper' " with link to this YouTube novelty song

video with scrolling lyrics and country western spoken song tune

crooned by Texas crooner J. Gale Kilgore of Big Spring, Texas, a

retired dentist there. Bloom is in Taiwan.

Who put the bop in the boppity bop bop?

Correct answer?

Venus Tsai of Beikang, Yunlin County, continues her journeys around Australia

She sends a postcard from Sydney:

Dear Dan Bloom, Happy new year! How are you!! I am in a small town near Sydney now, and doing pick grapes, everything is fine here, but night time is very cold here, so I have to fight with myslef every morning to go to work I miss Taiwan's food so much, I already got fat in Australia, but will get more fat after back to Taiwan I think... By the way I just bought a second hand car last week yep,,I am a terrible driver,, but is getting better now,, I just need to pracitce more an more The French guy that I am travelling with is very nice to me, and we are already together for 4 months! is also feel surprised to me! We probably will travel together for six months more ... MAYBE.... and I can even speak little bit French now!

best wishes for you, and give my regards to Taiwan!

PS: Here is my new second-hand car.

Monday, February 22, 2010

files mary NOT FOR PUBLIC, private files will delete soon

SNAILFOOTNOTES: reading the cartoon panel boxes left to right, 123 and the next row 456 and then finally last row 789

Box 1. Our Dear Sleeping Snailpaper Delivery Snail... 6 am

2. He Opens His Eyes and Peeks Out....11 am

3. Goes Back Inside... 4pm

4. Comes Out This Time!....5 pm

5. Ready to Deliver His First Snailpaper.... 6 pm

6. Oops! An Obstacle! A Wall In the Way? WTF?....7 pm

7. Climbs Slowly Up the Wall In Front of Him.....8 pm

8. Falls Down With a Thud to the Pavement and ....8:10 pm

9. Snailpaper delivered! (and not a minute too late!)