Monday, June 7, 2010

Missionary Martini -- a special drink concocted by a pilgrim of pure devotion in Taiwan

A longtime missionary father in Taiwan tells this blog:

Dear Blogmaster:

You asked me to explain what a ''missionary martini'' is. Here goes.

My invention. Goes like this:

Put a bottle of gin in the freezer for a couple hours or more, even a day ahead of time.

Do the same wwith a glass with ice cubes already in it. The colder you approach a missionary martini, the better.

Use unsweetened grapfruit juice (not grape juice or orange juice; should have an edge to it, be a little sour, like someone's personality I know) and pour that in first, just a modest dollop.

2/3 of the glass holds that frozen up gin, so go ahead and pour. It will have thickened just right.

Top off the rim of the glass with just a tiny tad of the juice again.

Shove the cubes around a bit with your finger and lick it dry.


Then just sip to your heart's content.

Best enjoyed with a good book by your side, or music, (F.I.R and etc) with earphones.