Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Most Dangerous Novel in America? -- "Polar City Red" by Jim Laughter?

Novelist Jim Laughter (POLAR CITY RED) talks to Dan Bloom about his new book from an undisclosed location.

Every once in a while, a book you’ve never heard of by a writer you’ve never heard of comes out of the woodwork to become a hot topic. That was the story with the Tim LaHaye Left Behind novels of the 1990s, and with The Shack, by William Young. Both “faith-based,” and both originally either self- or tiny-house published, these books would never be reviewed by the likes of any of the usual literary suspects and have initially small advertising budgets — but score nonetheless, thanks to passionate word of mouth.

This year’s entry in the Where-Did-That-Come-From? Sweepstakes is a cli-fi paperback novel called POLAR CITY RED by Jim Laughter.
Published in time for EARTH DAY 2012, the book touches a nerve.

What is POLAR CITY RED, and who is its author, Jim Laughter? According to one early reader , the novel is “one of the best researched books, ever.” Admits another “who’s not a big book reader,” it’s unputdownable. In fact, pretty much the only thing fans of the book seem to squabble over is whether the story of a band of survivors of a collapsed world should be called a novel or a survival guide. Its author says, “I like to think it succeeds as both."

QUESTION: Your book exhibits a very definite philosophy about the world of polar cities and how we can and should live. Can you describe that more?


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