Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Looming Threat of a 'Polar Cities' Dystopia (2100 - 3100 AD)

If a global warming climate chaos impact event happens on Earth in
the near future, it probably wouldn’t be a wake-up alarm -- it would be a goodnight call. Therefore, two words -- "polar cities."

Experts warn a polar cities dystopia looms in the future if we do not get our act together now and rid humankind of our addiction to and use of oil and coal, the prime emitters of C02 that is slowly strangling this planet and putting our entire human species at risk -- of extinction. It's that serious, and everyone knows it. But like the 999-pound gorilla in the room, nobody wants to talk about this.

Now there's a fiction novel, sci-fi -- ''cli-fi'' some are calling it, for "climate fiction" -- and it's titled POLAR CITY RED. The thriller, a real page-turner, by Okalahoma sci fi writer Jim Laughter, tells the story of a group of people living in dire conditions in a polar city survival settlement in Alaska in the year 2080, not so far from now. But remember, it's just fiction.

It could NEVER happen. Or could it?

And if climate chaos ever came to polar cities life for survivors of global warming in some distant future, it could immobilize modern technology, and civilization, altogether.

Are you prepared? This book will change your life. And also give you a good page-turner of a read on a quiet summer or winter night.

Read it
when you have time.


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