Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An interview with an American NGO on Tuvalu about his work helping the island nation survive climate change, come hell and high water!

1. Why did you go to Tuvalu and when did you go there for the first time?

DAVID: I came here 6 years ago, and fell in love with the place and the people. The views are stunning, the sunsets out of this world, and I am doing what I can to get the word out that Tuvalu is the ground zero of rising sea levels in the battle against coal and oil burniong and CO2 emissions worldwide? I plan to stay here for the rest of my life.

2. What in your earlier life in New York made you feel you want to work
with climate issues on a small faraway island in the Pacific?

At college, I majored in Environmewntal Studies. I read books by Lovelock and Mark Lynas. I am an atheist. I believe we are in deep trouble.

3. How old are you now?

I am 35 years old. Male pattern baldness runs in my family and I am beginning to lose my hair, especially in the hot tropical sun here. I love it. Bald is beautiful!

4. How long have you been in Tuvalu and how long do you plan to stay there?

been here since 2004 and plan to stay until I die.

5. are you worried about climate change and global warming? in your
lifetime or later in the future?

I am very worried about global warming right now.

6. are you worried about rising sea levels? in your lifetime or later
in the future?

I am very worried about rising sea levels right now.

I am very worried. That is why I am here now. Remember Baba Ram Dass and his BE HERE NOW books? Well, I am being here now.

7. What is it like living in Tuvalu, thinking every day that YOU are
living as Ground Zero of climate change?
I mean, since Tuvalu is the place where the rising sea will strike
FIRST, how does it feel to be living there,
having friends there? how do you FEEL inside in your heart? your
emotions? is it hard to there? or full of joy?

I like it here. The people are wonderful. They are friendly, kind and animated. They love life, they love their islands. They love God. I feel at home here.

8. are you religious? do yuou feel God or Buddha will protect Tuvalu from rising seas? Is religion important to the
people of Tuvalue , in your opinion?

I am an atheist. Humans need to stop use of coal and oil now. NOW!./ In spite of the evidence, many people in Tuvalu don't

believe they will be forced to leave their sinking island in the

Pacific , and point to their Bibles for

proof. In this deeply missionary-fed Christian country, great faith is

placed in the

words of Genesis, which says that rainbows are proof God is keeping

his covenant made with Noah to never again flood the earth. What is

going to happen to a nation without their home islands to anchor what

is left of their culture?
9. who are your heroes in Tuvalu?

The people. They rock!

10. Who are your heroes in the whole world, in USA or everywhere?

James Lovelock and James Hansen and Andy Revkin and James Hansem and James Howard Kunstler and Margaret Atwood are my heroes. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, all those who stood up for truth and justice.

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