Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Second Screeners" is a term coined by Tim Arthur in North Carolina

"Second Screeners" is a term first coined by Tim Arthur in North Carolina in the USA, although the term is popular in the UK, too.

Mr Arthur's website reads:

Second Screeners is all about how we share what we watch and consume in terms of content and leisure activity. Whether its TV, movies, theater shows, concerts, video games, or books, computer and mobile device experience sharing has changed the way we watch, listen, play, and read.

The “second screen” connects us to each other. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as second screen social sharing applications allow us to share our content experiences with each other, and offer new opportunities for content distributors to engage the audience.

We’ll bring you the latest news in Social TV, TV/Film reviews, and thoughts on how entertainment is changing.

Each week, you’ll want to check out our weekly internet broadcast “Second Screeners,” which will be available live streaming, and as an archive on the site and iTunes.

Show creators:
Tim Arthur (@timarthur on Twitter)
Ryan Boyles (@therab on Twitter)

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