Tuesday, October 23, 2012



by Jim Laughter

BLURB: Jim Laughter's book about the possible impact of global warming on our society is fascinating, but also frightening -- scary because of the possible future reality of this fictional story.

EXCERPT: Again, Romanov stood and crossed the room to the window. He had watched this city grow from a frozen wilderness camp to a thriving, viable community. Of course, there had been sacrifices. Everyone had made them. No one was exempt from the hardships. People had died; people that could have survived had it not been for the circumstances they found themselves faced with. But they were faced with them, and nothing could change that. Instead, they resisted the easy path of every-man-for-himself and forged life from certain death.

“These women, Dr. Moore,” Romanov said, his back still turned to the couple, “are not cattle used for breeding.” He turned and faced the couple. “They are treasures in the eyes of men fortunate enough to be worthy of them.”

The Moores continued to stare at Romanov. LouEllen’s heart was still hardened against the idea of using young women as concubines to service the sexual desires of multiple partners. She envisioned her own daughter, Abby, now only twelve years old but who would soon blossom into a woman. What was to become of her? Would she be forced into sexual servitude?



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