Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crying glacier face in Norway photo was faked, digitally altered, photoshopped by the wire agency that purchased the raw negative and then had every right to fake it any way it wanted to.....

A dramatic picture taken by US wildlife photographer Michael S. Nolan has been dubbed ''the face of Mother Nature crying on a canvas of melting ice and cascading water on a Norwegian Glacier''.  Climate activist Danny Bloom frist discovered this amazing photo in 2009 which allegedly shows a crying face in an ice cap located on Nordaustlandet, in the Svalbard archipelago of Norway.

The so-called and alleged ''tears'' of this natural sculpture were ''created'' by a waterfall of glacial water cascading from one of the face’s eyes, thus allegedly painting an alarming ''wake up call'' kind of picture warning the world about the effects of global warming and excess co2 emissions. Michael Nolan is a marine photographer and environmental lecturer for National Geographic and other magazines. He took the photo that he sold to Barcroft Media wire photo agency in the UK in 2009, the contract of the sale allowing them to alter the photo digitally any way they wanted to and they did. Nolan has always said he took the snap while on a 2009 voyage to observe the glacier and surrounding wildlife.

It’s best to ''quote'' Nolan’s words on this. althought they might not be Nolan's words per se, but words put in his mouth by the PR mavens at Barcroft Media in the UK, which is known for faking tabloid photos left and right:

''This is how one would imagine mother nature would express her sentiments about our inability to reduce global warming. It seemed an obvious place for her to appear, on a retreating ice shelf, crying.”

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