Tuesday, October 23, 2012



a novel by Jim Laughter

BLURB: ''I was drawn into the story with the first paragraph. Mr. Laughter's descriptive phrasing helped me visualize the frightening possibility of our planet truly experiencing this devastation. He does an excellent job with characterization, showing his depth of research into the subject of global warming and the intricacies man frailties. A very interesting book.''

EXCERPT: The crown jewel of creation, humanity is the only species on the planet capable of destroying itself and bringing about its own extinction. It doesn’t really matter whether that destruction come through war or pestilence, neglect or invention, genius or stupidity; human beings are the only species that seeks ways to save their environment while inventing new ways to cause its demise.

From his earliest history, man has found ways to pollute the Earth. Clouds of smoke rose from wood-burning communal fires long before the advent of fossil fuel-burning modern machinery, and before factory smokestacks spilled their noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Whaling ships sailed the open seas in search of their elusive prey, each one belching carbon dioxide from their processing fires. Countries bent on growth and commerce mined coal from the Earth, filling fireplaces in homes and factories. Great passenger liners set out to sea, their holds filled with coal to burn, or their tanks full of kerosene to power their great engines. Oil-drilling platforms littered Europe’s North Atlantic, the Bering Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico, draining billions of barrels of crude oil from deep within the Earth. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and members of OPEC such as Argentina, Ecuador, and Venezuela, robbed the Earth of her fossil fuels and provided the refineries of the world with their precious cargo, enabling man to transport and heat himself into oblivion.



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