Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lazlo Toth, the Pieta Man, to get comic book treatment in Italy by Gianluigi Concas

Mr Concas is currently collecting stories, memories and news clips about
the late great LAZLO TOTH, a Hungarian geologist with a PHD who went
crazy in 1971 while living in Rome and began to feel HE was the incarnation
of Jesus H. Christ, the H standing for Hungarian, apparently, and walked 
into the Vatican museum with a hammer concealed in his coat and then started
knocking Michelangel's PIETA's nose off.

He was arrested and put in a mental hospital for several years and then
deported in handcuffs to Australia, where he had lived after leaving Hungary
as a young man and where he had worked as a geologist in the Outback for many
years before getting the Jesus call.

 Mr Concas is writing a comic book inspired by Lazlo Toth's misadventures in Rome
at that time in his life.

[Gianluigi Concas is from Oristano in Sardinia in Italy.]

SEE: Don Novello, TV comedian USA, for playing character named Lazlo Toth
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