Monday, June 4, 2012

Are climate skeptics promoting anti-Semitism?! No, they are not, and Marc Morano has purposely maligned me by putting a loaded word in my mouth!

UPDATE: I will not comment here anymore, but it is important to point out to reporters and bloggers and commenters here that my oped here has been picked up the climate denialist Climate Depot website funded by rightwing oil lobby and energy industries in Washington DC run by Marc Morano who in his oh so PR savvy ways headlined his pick up of my oped here so as to cause maximum damage by writing:

Are skeptics promoting anti-Semitism?!

Warmists’ new claim: ‘Is global warming a major Jewish issue? It should be’ — ‘Israel will be no more if we do not stop global warming in its tracks now’ ” — [Read the Full Article]

First of all I am not a warmist -- whatever ThAT means -- I am a progressive leftwing climate activist and I was not speaking for all climate activists but only for myself. I was my own individual OPEd in a Jewish newspaper in San Diego, and not once did i call anyone an antisemite or claim that climate skeptics were promoting antisemitism. How does Marc come up with that trash! PLEASE. but it sells papers and builds
traffic and he happy with the headline as a pig in mud. I know Marc. He is good at what he does, but he is
a sick man. He's also my friend and I care about him.

and then he links to this SDJW commentary.

NOW EVERY READER of English knows that not once in my article did I claim that skeptics are antisemitic? SEE HOW THE rightwing denialists with their heads in the sand and thei pockets lined by the oil and energy industries and lobbyists work? They take things out of context. I never once ever ever called anyone an antisemiite in my oped here. Did I? Marc Morano owes me and this website an apology! Signed, Danny Bloom


dan said...

now right wing blogs are saying

''If you're skeptical of man-caused global warming, you hate Jews and ... promoting anti-Semitism and memorializing Adolf Hitler, apparently ...

dan said...

when i told one conservative critic that i was trying to be Swiftian here a la A Modest Proposal, he told me:

dear dan
Your Swiftiness did not come through, or I wasn't receptive to it. I think it's the former.

You either think climate change should be a more important for Jews than it is for the rest of the world's population or you don't.