Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chapter One: POLAR CITY RED by Jim Laughter -- a cli fi novel about polar cities in the future

After billions of people die due to the failure of Earth’s ecosystem and the continents are rendered uninhabitable, including the Lower 48 and Mexico, survivors forced to migrate north to Alaska must battle nature, raids by hungry scavengers, and man’s folly against himself in a geodesic ''polar city'' deep within the Arctic Circle near Fairbanks. A medical doctor and college professor rescued from the frozen tundra by a grizzled old hunter is thrust headlong into a life and death struggle for the existence of humanity. Hidden government conspiracies, a secretive military force, and the Earth itself threaten to destroy mankind.
Chapter One

The Tundra

“Kick out that damn fire!”

The voice calling from out of the dark startled the family gathered around the open campfire. The pot of beans they’d been cooking hung painfully alone over the open flames.

“Who’s there?”

“I said kick out that damn fire! Now!” the voice repeated.

Now!” the voice repeated.

The man stood and faced the direction from which the voice had called. He strained his eyes and tried to see through the darkness that blanketed their camp. But it was too dark, not quite pitch black, but too dark to see very far, just as it had been for almost six months.

“That’s Red,” he said. “Polar City Red.”
 [Visit many links to read interviews and reviews about Polar City Red and about how global warming is changing the world's ecosystem.]

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