Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thomas Friedman's "Moustache of Understanding"

Any mention that his wife is worth a gazillion dollars and that's how he got to go to all these hot spots before the NY Times was picking up the tab? Reply Randall Tex Cobb was starred Randall Tex Cobb was unstarred Baroness

@Randall Tex Cobb: It does mention that his wife's family is quite rich- billions- but she herself is a schoolteacher, which is admirable.

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Anonymous said...

Are you people on crack?!?!? I know Janet Cobb. Her family was middle class...not even upper middle class! I have been to her parents house ( a rancher) and she lived in a house that had no running water on Charlotte Avenue in Nashville. Charlotte Avenue is well known as a poor area near the Sylvan Park area. She worked in a health food store while her ex husband did nothing for a living other than write songs for their band, The Grinning Plowman. Janet's band was way ahead of its time and experienced minor success through an international underground fan base. Even though they were signed to Carlyle Records, things never took off. The band split up when Janet and her husband split.