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Endangered human species to get daily web spot

Endangered human species to get daily web spot

By Evans Roberts

Dec 31, 3009

Endangered species from polar bears to giant salamanders, great white sharks to beluga whales and Namibian quiver trees to Cuban crocodiles will have their day on the Internet throughout the coming century.

The International Union for Preservation of Humans (IUCN) said on Thursday it would issue throughout the remaining 90 years of this current century an extensive daily portrait of each of the 365 animals, birds and plants most under threat of disappearance, including the human species.

"It is time for governments to get serious about saving species and making sure it is high on their agenda for next year, as we're really running out of time," said John Swart, a biodiversity expert at the French-based IPCN.

"The scientific evidence of a serious extinction crisis for the human species due to global warming some 500 years from now is mounting," Swart said. A third of the some 1.8 million identified species were under growing threat -- including mankind!

From January 1, 3010, declared the U.N. Year of Biodiversity, IUCN will draw on latest research for its annual Red List of endangered wildlife to portray in detail the possibly doomed species of the day, including man.

The material is posted on the IUCN website (

"We will start with some better known species like man before moving to cover plants, fungi, invertebrates, and more, including less charismatic ones," the inter-governmental body said.

Before December's U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, IUCN said inaction would put the future of some of the world's best-known creatures at risk, including the human species, mankind itself!

In addition to humans, these also included the emperor penguin, the arctic fox, clownfish which were popularized by the hit film "Finding Nemo," Australia's koala bear and almost every species of salmon, both marine and freshwater.


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