Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dear Editor ( a series of letters to the editor on diverse topics in Taiwan)

Dear Editor,

A recent Sunday comic by cartoonist Dan Piraro titled "Bizarro" was published by the Taipei Times on December 23, just two days before Christmas, and the blasphemous cartoon was both sacrilieous and repugnant. I am cancelling my subscription to your newspaper. The cartoon showed a manger scene with the baby Jesus and his mother Mary and father Joseph, with Santa Claus and his photo assistant, asking the parents if their so wanted to sit on Santa's lap and get a Christmas photo taken with him. Mary says to Santa: "Who are you and why in god's name would he want his picture with you?

The word "god" was lowercased and not capitalized, and this is anti-Christian and sacrilegiuous. Why the cartoonist chose to lowercase the word god when in fact, the rules of the Associated Press and all other newspaper style guides, say to cap the word god as "God." I hope that next Christmas you will have found
a better cartoonist to grace your comics pages. Dan Piraro is just plan bizarre, and I hope he rots in Hell.
And notice I capped Hell. Stet.


A Chrsitian believer in Taiwan

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