Thursday, December 13, 2012

Climate survival pods known as polar cities to defend against 'climapocalypse' in future time periods, circa 2500 AD. maybe sooner

Features 2012-12-13

(AJP) - As people across the globe tremble in anticipation of future cliamte-triggered climapocalypse events, leading billions to trek north to live in polar cities in Alaska, Russia and Canada,, one American limate activist, Danny Bloom, says he has just what humanity needs: ''polar city survival pods'' -- designed by Deng Cheng-hong in Taiwan.

Bloom envisions over 100 polar city settlements in norther regions as most of the Lower 48 of the USA and large parts of Europe and Africa and Asia become unhabitable as seas rise, drought hits hard, temperatures get warmer and billions die off in future times due to lack of food, fuel. power and shelter. Enter polar cities, which Bloom and Deng believe will save humankind from extinction in the future.
"The polar city survivla pods are designed to hold 1000 people in each settlement, and they can survive
as family units for 500 to 1000 years during the Great Interruption from 2100 to 3100 AD.
Bloom claims he came up with the designs after watching the 2009 Hollywood disaster film "2012", which was inspired by the expiry on December 21 of the Mayan Long Count, a more than 5,000 year calendar used by the ancient Central American civilisation. He is also a student of climate visionary James Lovelock, 93, of Britain.

"If there really is some kind of apocalypse, then you could say Deng has \made a contribution to the survival of humanity," Bloom said.


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