Saturday, March 31, 2012

Will ''experts'' and scientists accept the idea of polar cities for survivors of climate chaos in 2500 or sooner?

A science fiction novelist, well known, bestsellers and movies to his name, offers his take on POLAR CITIES RESEARCH INSTITUTE ideas about
polar cities for future survivors of climate CHAOS in 2500 or so...maybe sooner:

Dear Sir

I cannot promise to look at your
''polar cities project'' webpage now, but I can spare some

First, I note you know about the new popularity of the Northwest Passage
route as an ice free sea lane from the USA to EUROPE and RUSSA, etc, and the rush for sub-sea resources.

What you need to consider, however, is this:

1) Canada .....(and northern Alaska, away from Ring of Fire earthquake
zone in Juneau / Anchroage regions) the oldest geological "craton" of
extremely solid volcanic rock on Earth. Much of it without any
faults, meaning there's little geological activity.

2) Much of Canada [and northern Alaska] has almost no topsoil. The
same holds for much of Siberia. An expanded growing season and new
farms do not automatically translate into productivity.

3) No matter how warm summers get, you'll have just one growing
season.. The equatorial lands we'll lose had two.

4) Much of the tundra and taiga contain massive amounts of methane.
If these soils warm much, there will be floods of new greenhouse

I am sure you have considered the effects of 6 months of night. It
propels high suicide rates in Scandinavia.


[A well-known light of reason living in Seattle]

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