Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Jim Laughter, author of POLAR CITY RED

Meet Jim Laughter, 59, author of new cli -fi novel POLAR CITY RED about rising sea levels, climate chaos in the future but as mere FICTION, a wake up call about these issues, his book shows how literature and books like his can mirror daily headlines as wake up calls!

I am a sci fi (and non-fiction, too)  writer from Oklahoma. I spent 7 months

in late 2011 and early 2012 writing a sci fi novel titled "Polar City Red''.

It's a climate fiction novel about the effects of global warming, and

how survivors of the Earth's eventual climate disaster will be forced

to live in polar cities. I finished the book in the middle of March

and sent it to my publisher in Texas -- and it has a tentative

national release date of April 22, in conjunction with Earth Day in

the USA and worldwide.

James Lovelock famously said in an article in 2006: "We cannot regard

the future of the civilized world in the same way as we see our

personal futures. The planet may have already passed the tipping point

on global warming. Is it already too late? Are the well-intentioned

preservation campaigns just feel-good window dressing?''

Although I've written POLAR CITY RED as a work of fiction, I've done

my homework on global warming and believe as Dr Lovelock does that the

unchecked burning of fossil fuels will eventually cause the failure of

our ecosystem.

Jim Laughter, Mounds, Oklahoma

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