Wednesday, February 8, 2012

POLAR CITY RED -- an introduction to a PR campaign for Jim Laughter's new sci fi novel about life in a polar city in Alaska in 2080

Sometimes all the talk about climate change and global warming -- some polite and informative, some angry and loud -- gets us nowhere. Both sides of the climate debate have their agendas, their cheerleaders, their PR platforms, their fundraising efforts. But with all the shouting, from both supporters and denialists, climate activists and climate skeptics, the lines seem to be drawn in the sand and nobody wants to budge. It has
become a shouting match, on blogs and in newspaper columns worldwide.
But what about a fictional novel -- sci-fi, cli-fi -- about climate change in the future, that aims
to tell a good yarn, an old-fashioned story in the storytelling genre? Afterall, we humans love stories, and people
all over the world mark their lives by storytelling.

POLAR CITY RED by Jim Laughter, set for release on Earth Day 2012, is that kind of novel. A climate thriller,
speculative fiction, science fiction, cli-fi, call it what you will. It's a book that will change your life, no matter
which side of the climate issues you are currently on.

So get ready to read POLAR CITY RED, a novel set in Alaska in the year 2080 A.D., far from today and yet not so far away as it seems. Just 60, 70 years or so.

The book is art, literature, and it gives us a new way to examine the issues: through the human lens
of imagination and fiction, via a powerful storyteller.

Read POLAR CITY RED and make up your own mind. There's no agenda here. There's no shouting.
There's no PR platform and there's no fundraising campaign. It's entertainment for the masses, pure
and simple, page after page.

POLAR CITY RED is set in the future, but it's also about the present, too. You will never be the same once
you finish reading it. It's that powerful, but it doesn't tell you how to think or what to think about climate
change or global warming. It's up to you to decide. Make up your own mind. Let POLAR CITY RED be your paperback, dime-store novel guide.

Remember those old Westerns about the settling of the West in America long ago? Well, in some ways,
POLAR CITY RED is the world's first "polar Western" about a possible new frontier in America -- up in the Last Frontier!

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