Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canadian film director to direct "Polar City Red" movie

His script was purchased by Sony Pictures,
it was announced Thursday. The budget for POLAR CITY RED is said to be near $50

Starring: TBA

U.S. Release Date: July 4, 2015 (Wide)
Back in February, director Roland Lafiche revealed that
his next big movie would be one titled POLAR CITY RED, a disaster movie that
takes place in the year 2080 at a wilderness polar city in Alaska, after climate chaos
has decimated the Lower 48 and sent millions of climate refugees north.

friend Steve caught up with Lafcihe last weekend and tried to get him to reveal what
exactly happens in POLAR CITY RED, but still had no luck - he's keeping a very
tight lip.

The script for POLAR CITY RED is apparently so good, that the studios started a
bidding war for distribution, with Sony ending up the winner. Now it's
heading into production for a July 4, 2015 opening. He has
said previously that "it will be very expensive, you see the whole
Lower 48 go to shit" and other sources reported that the "project has
more going for it than the big idea that studios love," but what
exactly that means yet, no one knows. What Lafiche is depicting, however, is a "natural disaster" of
some sorts, related to climate change and global warming.

Before we get into the juicy details, Lafiche explains his
inspiration for the movie, and how he convinced himself, after saying
he'd never watned to do disaster movie, but now he is committed.

"…This whole movie I'm doing next was inspired by just the phenomenon
of the internet when you type in Google, 'polar cities', you get a million
hits. That's a lot. And it's just, so many people write about them,
believe it, that our world will lead to polar cities in the future. I said wow. I kind
of said before I never wanted do a disaster movie. I said, for
this idea I have to do it."

"This time there's no blowing up in POLAR CITY RED. It's a
natural disaster. Well, actually yeah, like a… I'm not saying it! I'm
giving things away." Damn, too close! If only he just finished his

To be honest, he has done such a great job of teasing POLAR CITY RED, that
I'm getting into it already, where it's become
all about figuring out "what it is" more than anything else.
Unfortunately we'll have to wait until we see the first teaser trailer
or hear reports from the set to get to that point. He goes on
talking about how "undoable" this is, especially
considering they're going to, basically, destroy the entire Lower 48 and continental Europe.
Check out what he had to say!

"Yes, it will be expensive, but I think it will be for a price
because people who read the script said this is undoable. And I said,
well but we'll do it. I mean, it's one of these things that everybody
says it's undoable because it's like, you see the whole Lower 48 go to
shit… It's kind of one of these things when I write a script, and I
wrote it again with my writing partner Cloe Smith together, we just said no, we'll
not think if it's doable or not, we'll just write it. We'll just come
up with it. And then we'll figure out how we'll do it. I think it's
worth doing it because it's also when you have something where you
have adrenaline because you are nervous about it, that's good. That's
a little bit like… it's good when actors have this adrenaline when
they go on stage. I think they do their best work, and for us it's the
same thing…"

I love the way he thinks - don't write it with "is POLAR CITY RED doable?" in
mind, just write it, and then figure out how to do it. And even be
nervous about it, challenge yourself - that's awesome. I'm already very
excited for POLAR CITY RED. I'm really wondering what the hell is going to
happen, and how the entire Lower 48 is going to get destroyed! This
should be fun!

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