Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Vision of Polar Cities in Oxford, Oxfordshire by "James Lovelock's accidental studnet"

OXFORD -- A pioneering yet mostly unheralded American climate activist
told an audience in a pub last night in Oxford, Oxfordshire that the
age of ''polar cities'' is fast coming upon us. The bloke, who often
introduces himself and did last night as "James Lovelock's accidental
student" -- since his ideas of polar cities for survivors of global
warming where residents
will serve as "breeding pairs in the Arctic" -- was speaking to an
audience at Scibar, a monthly scientific moot, at the Port Mahon pub

The 62 year old climate activist was presenting
ideas from his book, ''A Vision of Polar Cities'', which will come out in
paperback in March next year.

He said: “There will come a time when billions of humans will die
in a massive human die off, and the world
will be reduced to just 200,000 souls trying desperately to survive in
about 100 isolated polar cities scattered around the northern

He said that
these ideas are not original and that they are not his, and that he
owes everything to the ideas of Dr Lovelock in Cornwall, who was in
the audience last night, too. Well,
his spirit was. The good scientist was resting comfortably at his home up north.

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