Saturday, October 29, 2011

Israel and climate change in the future: will there even be an Israel there? Most likely not. Wake up, o ye of little vision! COMMENTS WELCOME TOO! ALL POV WELCOME


In two important news articles about climate change (“How much more proof is needed for people to act” and “Ignoring the future — the psychology of denial”), the importance of facing major issues that will confront the future of the Jewish people were emphasized. Not only is the state of Israel threatened by climate change and rising sea levels, but the descendants of Jews around the world — wherever they live: North America, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Latin America — will be under threat.

Climate change is indeed an issue that is on everyone’s mind today, and Jewish scientists and Jewish thinkers will be on the front line of

these issues in the future, too.

The world as we know it today may very well not be the world of tomorrow, and the very survival of the Jewish people, as a people, will be at stake. And more: the very existence of the human species, our kind, homosapiens, will be on alert.

Despite most observers thinking that solutions lie in mitigation ideas, there are a growing number of Jewish climatologists and scientists who believe that the A-word — adaptation — must be confronted head-on, too. The fact is, despite the head-in-the-sand protestations of climate denialists, we cannot stop climate change or global warming.

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