Friday, October 21, 2011

Polar City Dreaming (iamges of our future)

These photos and pics dovetail nicely with our " polar cities" ideas, which come directly from Dr James Lovelock in the UK, We almost called them Lovelock Cities in honor of the great man, but he asked us not to, so polar cities they are for the term and see what my artist has come up with..... polar cities are for survivors of climate chaos in the coming centuries, around 2100 to 2500 AD, if there is an A.D. then, sigh, and these photos above are perfect for polar city dwellers will need to survive. I envision 144 polar cities all over the northlands, and some in New Zealand, Tasmania and Antartctica too. and get ready: a friend is writing a sci fi, .....cli-fi .......novel, now, as we speak, ttiled "Polar City Life" and it's a fictional exploration of life in these polar cities.....circa the distant future. Much of the action will take place, if you use your imagination, is residential buildings like this. SIGH.

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Close Sub-Zero Structures: Designing for Extreme Polar City Locations and Climate Chaos

From the Arctic Drifter to the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station, these buildings were made to provide comfort in the harshest of conditions. They will also be part of life during the POLAR CITY era, from 2100 to 3500 AD, when climate chaos threatens humankind with extinction. These lifeboats will save the day!

Designed to endure the extreme weather of the polar city era, these structures -- almost alien in appearance -- are like nothing we have seen before. Their unique aesthetic, however, is nothing more, and nothing less, than an honest response to the specific locations and climates in which they've been constructed. Their shells, as you can see, are completely stripped of the unnecessary or decorative, adornments that might be unfit for the harsh conditions of polar city life. Recent climate changes have presented extreme design with an even greater impetus to address adaptability and mobility, and it is a fact worth noting that these fascinating buildings have gradually grown more and more capable of providing their inhabitants with comfort and protection from the elements.

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