Monday, August 2, 2010

The Taiwan government's Ministry of the Interior has a contest to choose a slogan to encourage women to have more babies in order to UP the birthrate, which has been in decline....HERE ARE THE TOP 20 CHOICES: One will be chosen and the winner will receive NT$1 million -- I entered the contest as suggested the Taiwanese term BON LAH GYAM SEIKO, but it was not chosen.....SIGH

1. 多生寶貝,寶貝台灣 Children are a treasure, please treasure Taiwan!

2. 人生要美好,養兒育女不可少 For a happy life, a large family is best!

3. 老爸老媽我準備好了,今晚就看你們表現了! The father maid I prepared, tonight looked you displayed!

生個寶貝,幸福加倍! Lives a treasure, happy double!

圓滿人生,就是要生。 The complete life, is must be fresh.

有子有女〝好〞幸福 Has the child to have the female well 〝〞 happy “child” good, has you.

「孩」好,有你。 One 〝lives happily〞!




帥哥美女靠創造, 不生永遠看不到!!

好孕好運到! Good is pregnant the good luck!


結婚,我願意! 生子,我樂意!

幸福很簡單,寶貝一,二,三!! Happiness is very simple, treasure one, two, three!!

孕釀~~下一個希望 Prenancy ferments hope for the future!


18. 孕味、乳味,最有女人味。

19. 孩子~是我們最好的傳家寶。 A child is our best family heirloom.

20. 誠徵下一代! Let's solicit the next generation!

21. ''BON LAH GYAM SEIKO'' - suggested by Dan Bloom but not chosen as part of the top 20 winners

The child arrives, happiness returns to the unit Fresh! Was right! The handsome fellow beautiful woman depends on the creation, does not live forever does not look!! Has the child to have the female is “good”. The marriage, I want! Gives birth to a boy, I am glad! Happiness is very simple, treasure one, two, three!! Is pregnant ferments the ~~ next hope In order to like living Is pregnant the taste, the young taste, most has the feminine qualities.

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