Wednesday, August 4, 2010


◎ 丹布隆 (Dan Bloom)



搶救生育率的標語遴選,似乎也隱藏族群歧視的毒手,令身為外國人的筆者深感不安。養小孩,難道只鼓勵華語族群嗎? 內政部拼口號,端政策牛肉,但有沒有效? 還是要看台灣其他各族群的年輕夫婦能不能接受這種帶歧視味道的政策牛肉!除非…。

(作者本名 [丹布隆] (Dan Bloom) 為美籍資深新聞從業人員;翻譯者黃大河)

(作者為美籍資深媒體人/翻譯者:Terry Huang)


Anonymous said...

Dear Liberty Times

As reported by the media, re the rescue fertility rate, the Ministry of Interior hoped that creates “the slogan miracle” again, NT$1,000,000 prize to the winning slogan. The Ministry of Interior announced at the end of July that there are now 20 finalists, will carry on 1 month-long the network to elect by ballot, the winner may attain the prize.

But, if examined carefully, these slogans are all in Mandarin and not one is in Taiwanese or Hakka or an Aboriginal language. Why?

Taiwan is a multi-ethnic, diverse nation. There are several languages used here, no? Not only Chinese...

Then, why do Ministry of Interior's high-ranking officials only select Chinese slogan work being accepted to elect by ballot for the network?

Some appraises committee member to believe anonymous that is accepted the first 20 famous metropolises to be too proper, worried “elects to degenerate into the model”. A Ministry of Interior official also indicated in private, since the network elects by ballot the object is young people, should have the creativity. Although these opinions are pertinent, but has not selected to the question center of gravity. They intend or have no intention, has not looked up realized that the Taiwanese, the guest language as well as indigenous people's work simply has not been on the post list of successful candidates! Rescue fertility rate's slogan choosing, as if also hides the violent treachery which the tribal grouping tribal group discriminates, is deeply felt restlessly the body for foreigner's author. Raises the child, only to encourage Chinese tribal grouping tribal group? The Ministry of Interior puts together the slogan, carries the policy beef, but is effective? Must think Taiwan other various tribal grouping tribal groups young husbands and wives can accept this kind of belt discrimination flavor the policy beef! Only if….

Anonymous said...


The judges for the Ministry of the Interior's increase-the-birthrate
slogan contest have chosen 20 slogans
that will now be voted on online by the public around Taiwan. I took a
look at the ministry's website to
find out which 20 slogans had made the final round, and while many of
them are cute and funny and
warm-hearted, and some are even creative, not one slogan chosen by a
panel of judges for the final top 20 is in Hokklo
or Hakka or any of the many Aboriginal languages in this country. All
20 slogans are in Mandarin. I cannot understand
why in a nation so ethnically and linguistically diverse as Taiwan -
in a good, positive way - there were no slogans
chosen in Hokklo, Hakk or any of the Aboriginal languages. I am sure
many slogans were submitted in languages
other than Mandarin, so why did the judges only choose Mandarin
slogans for the public to vote on?

I am confused. Of course, some readers of the Liberty Times might
think this is just sour
grapes on my part since I entered
the contest and sent in a slogan in Hokklo that I thought would be a winner
-- "bon lah gyam seiko" [ 摸蛤兼洗褲 ] -- but, alas,
my witty entry did not make the top 20. That's okay. But surely there
should have been some slogans in the top 20
list in Hokklo, Hakka or Aboriginal languages for the public to vote
on. Busasa!