Saturday, May 26, 2012


Mother nature votes last, and her votes trump all of ours put together.

So if you convince me of something that's not true, or I convince you of something that is true, either way it won't make any difference. What will happen, will happen, and we might just as well go right on listening to the music and rearranging the deck chairs when they slide too close to the guard rails.
For all the difference that you or I could possible make to the future of the planet, it doesn't matter one iota what we believe.
James Hansen is a bit of a quack and James Lovelock was indeed correct back then. Earth DOES have the ability to heal itself over time.

The gloomsters are doing nothing but making us look like a bunch of 'Chicken Littles'. You ever wonder why the GW deniers have been so successful over the past decade or so? It's not just oil money and constant streams of propaganda. The gloom-and-doom people on OUR side have done a lot of damage as well.
It's time to start ignoring the 'Cascade effects' morons and instead start trying to find other spokesmen who can truly wake us up.
There isn't going to be Hanson-style runaway warming or sudden flips. Both of these are not only plain bullshit but they're scaring away a lot of people who would otherwise be open to the fact that global warming is indeed a serious issue.
Right now, 'doom-and-gloom' theories are the LAST f***ing thing we need.

Dear Jim and Dan, ......''People will only become interested in the problem...

...AFTER the inevitability of doom is so clear that it can no longer be denied, AND after that doom is DAYS or HOURS away (not years; people don't care about things that are years away), and by then it will be too late.
The reason people don't take it seriously is that there are NOT ENOUGH people screaming out the message of doom and gloom. That's why doom will catch them unaware. ''
Haldane's stages of acceptance of a theory: (paraphrased from memory)

1. This is nonsense. It can't be true.
2. This is interesting, but not widely accepted.
3. This is true, but the effect is too small to be concerned with.
4. Of course this is true. We've believed it all along.
I think the financial catastrophe will be irrelevant. When the population of the earth is reduced to 1/10th it's present number it will be a whole different world. I could be a toss-up whether that remaining 10% survives or not. But one thing is certain; even if the human race survives, what we call "civilization" will not.

Which is why we need to continue spreading the word. Such POLAR CITY RED.
Complacency will only harm us even further.

Every morning when you get up...

say to yourself "I will not die today."
In your entire life you will only be wrong once.

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