Saturday, May 26, 2012

All 24 chapters of ''POLAR CITY RED'', the novel by Jim Laughter, mirror current daily headlines about climate change and global warming

The PROLOGUE mirrors James Lovelock's ideas about climate change in
huis books and interviews from 2006 to 2012.

Chapter ONE titled THE TUNDRA:  mirrors Andrew Revkin's DOT EARTH blog in the New York Times that first introduced the concept and the term POLAR CITY to the world in 2008

Chapter 2 titled THE CITY: mirrors the news about a Russian city called UMKA

Chapter 3 titled A NEW HOME: mirrors James Lovelock's 2006 quote that "planning a good retreat
is always the mark of generalship. The retreat will be toward the poles."

Chapter FOUR titled UMKA mirrors recent news about the Russian city of UMKA

Chapter FIVE titled THE CLIMATRON mirrors news about the real Clmatron.

Chapter 6 titled THE CLINIC

Chapter SEVEN titled NEW ARRIVAL

Chapter 8 titled ATTACK

Chapter NINE titled THE [SEX ]LOTTERY

Chapter 10 titled THE RESCUE
Chapter 11 titled NEW CITIZENS

Chapter 12 titled WINDMILLS

Chapter 13 titled RETURN MISSION
Chapter 14 titled FIRE ON THE LAKE mirrors Katie Walter's research on methane at UAF in Alaska
Chapter 15 titled INSIDE THE MOUNTAIN mirrors
Chapter 16 titled TUNNELS mirrors
Chapter 17 titled NEW HOPE mirrors

Chapter 18 titled REVELATION mirrors
Chapter 19 titled SCAVENGER ATTACK mirrors

Chapter 20 titled MILITARY RESPONSE mirrors news reports and books about Arctic security in the future:
Chapter 21 titled PERMAFROST mirrors Katie Walters work at UAF in Alaska.
Chapter 22 titled LAKE OF FIRE mirrors Katie Walters work at UAF in Alaska about methane.
Chapter 23 titled BEQUEATHAL mirrors

Chapter 24 titled LIBARY mirrors James Lovelock's idea that a complete encyclopedia of human knowledge be created on printed pages to be kept in storage in case future humans need to consult it
in the case that all computers fail in the future due to power outrages and climate chaos

The Epilogue titled THE BEGINNING mirrors Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize winning novel
about an apocalypse in North America created by a comet strike titled ''THE ROAD'', which was
also made into a movie by director John Hillcoat.

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