Saturday, April 21, 2012


by Emmet Matridah

Glenn Close is right on about how we humans have evolved to be empathetic.

In a recent interview in London, she told the Guardian newspaper:

"People desperately need connection. There's a danger now of getting

further and further away from two human eyes looking into two human

eyes. The thing that I love is that we have evolved to be empathetic.

We have these neurons called mirror neurons, which reflect what you

see in other people's faces. But now people think communication is

texting and tweeting. On TV, too, you see something horrific on the

news and then you go to an ad and then to something else and it

becomes this amorphous jangle. It's an emotional disconnect."

So true.

Close, who is known for her wonderful acting career (and her cute blog

about pets and dogs and other living things), nails it here with this


"The thing that I love is that we have evolved to be empathetic."

It's true, we humans have evolved, well, some of us, and our evolution

has been in the direction of empathy. Of course, it's still a long way

to go before

we all become empaths, but we are getting there, step by step. Another

10,000 years, and it should happen.

Meanwhile, as you ponder the fate of humankind today, reflect on Glenn

Close's powerful vision: "We have evolved to be empathetic."

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