Thursday, April 19, 2012

By 2500 AD, Israel will be under water and no more -- an oped by Emet Matridah (c) 2012

This following oped explains why Israel as a nation will cease to exist after 2500 AD as global warming and climate chaos will have forced the entire Middle East region to send its residents north to Scandinavia and Russia and Alaska and Canada to survive in isolated, remote polar cities run by some kind of UN administration for The Great Interruption (aka The Long Emergency).

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Author ID: Emet Matridah is an American climate activist based in Taiwan, born in 1949 and
educated at Tufts College in the 1960s. He believes that climate change and global warming
will cause massive die-offs of human within the next 500 years, with a world population of some
25 billion then in 2500 being cut down to just 200,000 souls survivng as "breeding pairs in the Arctic" to
ensure the survival and continuation of the human species. Tasmania and New Zealand will also
house such breeding centers.

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