Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Will God protect Tuvalu from death and destruction as climate change brings rising sea levels or is action also needed?

A Tuvalu activist and artist from Tuvalu now living ovwerseas tells this blog:

"From what I'm aware, a lot of homeland Tuvaluans DO believe that God will take care of their needs. However, in my opinion, I believe action still needs to be taken to get the word out. Life is a balancing act - there needs to be faith but also action. I take the middle-path approach and say that, although faith is good, action is still needed. Again, in my opinion, God helps those who help themselves."

RE: On a recent National Geographic documentary about Tuvalu, some people were quoted saying that because of God's pact with Noah in the Bible, they also felt that God will protect Tuvalu and that there is nothing to be alarmed about....

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