Saturday, December 31, 2011

POLAR CITY RED - a novel by Jim Laughter, to be released in 2012

QUESTION TO DAN BLOOM: There is a new book, fiction, a novel, perhaps classified as a climate thriller, set in 2080 in Alaska, written
by veteran Okahoma novelist Jim Laughter. It's titled POLAR CITY RED. Are you connected to this book in anway way, Dan?

MrDanBloom: No, I am not directly connected to the book, as the novel it is. POLAR CITY RED is entirely Jim's book, and it's his theme, his cast of characters, his setting,
his time frane, his words, his plot, it's entirely his book and only his name will appear on the cover. I did play a small role in the genesis of the book, yes,in that I have
been working on the futuristic concept of polar cities for survivors of global warming in some distant future, just as a thought experiment, a thought exercise, and most imortant
of all, as a wake up call about climate change, and I was looking for someone, a writer, a novelist, to tackle this subject of future life in a polar city somewhere in Russia or
Canada or Alaska -- or New Zealand or Tasmania, too -- and I spent a few years looking for someone who might be interested. Through a friend, the writer Charles Sasser in Texas, i was put in touch with Jim, and we began a series of email chats about the possibility of him writing a novel about polar cities, but entirely in his words, his book, his byline, and he agreed
to take the project on, and it's his book entirely. All I did was suggest a possbile title, and Jim felt it fit his book, so it's the title: POLAR CITY RED. But the entire book,
from page one to the last page, it's Jim's book, and I feel it's going to be an important book in the climate field. It's fiction, of course, pure fiction, just a good yarn that Jim has spun
from his imagination and sense of things to come, not to mention his own study of the issues involved, and I feel from what I have read so far, this book, which is the first
novel to tackle polar cities and global warming in one fell swoop, is going to teach a lot of people worldwide, and might be find some translations into German and
French and Japanese and Chinese as well. It's the first book ever about polar cities. Wait till you read it!

QUESTION: Do you envision Jim selling movie rights to his book?

MrDanBloom; Yes, I'd love to see that. There's a strong cinematic element to his book, and sure, it would make a great Hollywood diasster/dystopia climate chaos movie, like
"The Day After Tomorrow." I am hoping Hollywood will pick up the film rights.

QUESTION: Other than helping out with your suggestion of the title for the book, are you going to be doing any PR work for the book when it's released?

MrDanBloom: Well, aside from blogging and telling everyone I know about the book, and trying to get the MSM to interview Jim about his book, and trying
to get CNN and MCNBC interested in interviewing Jim, I am going to be doing my own PR push from my cave in Taiwan, in hopes of attracting a big
readership for Jim's book. From the chapters he has sent me so far, as a reader, I can say this book rocks! It's the best book I have ever read
about climate change and global warming, pure fiction, but what story Jim tells. He's a born storyteller. I believe POLAR CITY RED will stand out as one
of the most important books ever written by the human race. It will stand the test of time. You want to read this book, for sure.

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