Wednesday, December 22, 2010

''HOW MY CONDOM BROKE AND OTHER TALES OF A TECHIE TERRORIST '' by WikiLeaks code-breaker/condom-breaker Julian Assange

WikiLeaks webmaster Julian Assange jumped over a few hoops in mid-December when he was granted bail in the U.K. over trumped-up and alleged sexual assault charges filed in Sweden on orders most likely of the United States' CIA. Now he's got a book deal. The memoir -- as yet untitled, but something long the lines of ''HOW MY CONDOM BROKE AND OTHER TALES OF A TECHIE TERRORIST '' -- will be published in the U.S. by the tony and gentlemanlikeKnopf firm, a division of Random House,while in the U.K. by Edinburgh-based Canongate will do the trick.

Canongate publisher Jamie Byng confirmed the news via a leaked cable, and said foreign rights are up for grabs.
Byng most likely set up the deal with Julian Assange for his memoirs, working his contacts in the field to find and get Assange to agree to the terms. Byng then likely asked agent Caroline Michel of the U.K.-based literary
agency Fraser, Peters & Dunlop to be the go-between and set up the book
deal, which she did, signed, sealed and delivered on a snowy afternoon. Agent Michel has had over 25 years experience in the media industry, having previously run both Vintage at Random House and Harper Press at HarperCollins. She was a member of the Booker Prize Committee for six years.

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