Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anna Pujades wants to be European director of POLAR CITIES PROJECT:

From: Anna Pujades
Date: Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 5:29 PM
Subject: Arctic Sustainable Retreats
To: bikolang @ gmail . com

Dear Danny

Good morning from Barcelona (Spain)

My name is Anna Pujades and I'm contacting you because I was inspired by James Lovelock in the same way you were. I was doing some research on the internet to contact an architect with experience in the Arctic and sustaianble architecture and I found your blog. My plan was just like yours! To create a model of Arctic Sustainable Retreat in collaboration with scientists. Just the other day I send a letter to prof. James Lovelock in his Coombe Mill Experimental Station. In one interview to the Washington he said:
"People say, 'Well, you're 87, you won't live to see this,' " he says. "I havey children, I have grandchildren, I wish none of this. But it's our fate; we need to recognize it's another wartime. We desperately need a Moses to take us to the Arctic and preserve civilization." In my letter which he will probably get on Tuesday, I mentioned that this Moses of the 21st century could take the form of Sir Richard Branson's flair for entrepreneurship and his wisdom. I said that because I thought they'd make a good team, and because Sir Richard is his "fan". This morning, while I was looking for an architect I found the web: where it says that a model of polar city is due for 2012! Vow! is it really so? I strongly believe in the project of Arctic Sustainable Retreats, that is why I was planning just like you, to develop a model and try to show it to Sir Branson, to other investors or governments. But I see that you've already done that!!! Is there a way I can join in this exciting adventure? I live in Spain now, but was planning to move. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you! As in the web there're 2 different email addresses I'll send this to both.


==================== THEN SHE WRITES:

Dear Danny

I just thought that if we could get J.Lovelock involved in the project of Arctic Sustainable Retreats, after all it was him who suggested them, it would be much easier to get Sir Richard interested. I think the message should be: to have an arctic retreat finished by 2020, located in the most convenient place, built with the best materials, prepared to face the most extreme situations, to sustain its inhabitants for as long as possible, sustainable and with the best equipment. I think Lovelock is a key figure to give advise on things like location, organisation, or equipment. Any ideas how could we get him involved? Maybe you could ask him for an appointment? show to him what you have done so far? Tell him what we want to achieve? Maybe he wouldn't want to get involved because it's a controversial idea, so you could explain to him that it wouldn't become public that he's involved if he prefers it this way, but that we need his advise!! (Although I don't think he would mind) You could tell him that only Sir Richard would know, as we are aware that he respects him very much and admires his ideas and therefore we would like to show the project to him.
I promise to stop sending emails now!!

================== THEN SHE ADDS

Hi Danny!
Just to tell you that at the weekends I'm always very busy and I still haven't got time to read your emails! I'll do it asap and I'll keep you up to date about the ASR project!



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