Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou slightly got his grammar wrong: He wanted to say "Americans" (plural, with an s) but on air with CNN he just said "American" although he meant it as a plural term

Ma told CNN the other day:

“we will never ask the American to fight for Taiwan” — in the interview with CNN host Chritiane Amanpour, broadcast April 30.

He meant to say “we will never ask the Americans to fight for Taiwan”

That's okay. Even though Ma's English is very fluent, I have spoken with him at his office when he was the mayor of Taipei, and I like him, I gave him a copy of my book in his office and we chatted for 30 seconds or so, June 2002 or so.....it is EASY to make grammar mistakes, I know, because even though i speak French, my grammar is not perfect or even very good. So Ma meant to say AMERICANS but what came out was AMERICAN..... i heard it on air when he was on CNN and i wrote it down in my sofa notebook.

no biggie

just for the record

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