Thursday, February 25, 2010

Venus Tsai of Beikang, Yunlin County, continues her journeys around Australia

She sends a postcard from Sydney:

Dear Dan Bloom, Happy new year! How are you!! I am in a small town near Sydney now, and doing pick grapes, everything is fine here, but night time is very cold here, so I have to fight with myslef every morning to go to work I miss Taiwan's food so much, I already got fat in Australia, but will get more fat after back to Taiwan I think... By the way I just bought a second hand car last week yep,,I am a terrible driver,, but is getting better now,, I just need to pracitce more an more The French guy that I am travelling with is very nice to me, and we are already together for 4 months! is also feel surprised to me! We probably will travel together for six months more ... MAYBE.... and I can even speak little bit French now!

best wishes for you, and give my regards to Taiwan!

PS: Here is my new second-hand car.

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