Monday, February 22, 2010

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SNAILFOOTNOTES: reading the cartoon panel boxes left to right, 123 and the next row 456 and then finally last row 789

Box 1. Our Dear Sleeping Snailpaper Delivery Snail... 6 am

2. He Opens His Eyes and Peeks Out....11 am

3. Goes Back Inside... 4pm

4. Comes Out This Time!....5 pm

5. Ready to Deliver His First Snailpaper.... 6 pm

6. Oops! An Obstacle! A Wall In the Way? WTF?....7 pm

7. Climbs Slowly Up the Wall In Front of Him.....8 pm

8. Falls Down With a Thud to the Pavement and ....8:10 pm

9. Snailpaper delivered! (and not a minute too late!)

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