Friday, November 2, 2012

Superstorm Sandy and POLAR CITIES in the future

Anyone who lived through Superstorm Sandy or has seen the images released by media worldwide of sea level rise due to storm surge can no longer DENY that when CLIMATE CHAOS comes to the EARTH in the next few centuries, and billions die and millions survive in POLAR CITIES in the north, it will look alot like SUPERSTORM SANDY did in 2012. The October storm served as a global wake up call for what is coming, and Jim Laughter's novel POLAR CITY RED, read it today, describes it all very well IN FICTION.

Superstorm Sandy was not fiction, she was FACT. Jim's book is mere fiction, but there are TRUTHS inside the book as well. READ IT and WEEP. READ IT AND TAKE ACTION NOW to prevent climate chaos from happening.

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