Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why even climate activists are in denial about the need for polar cities in the future for survivors of global warming: A WARNING

Why is that most climate activists like Bill McKibben and Elizabeth Kolbert and many many others,
don't get it yet, and as still in denial about the fate of the EArth, ie, that our goose is already cooked, and
it's all over now, so we asked Danny Bloom, director of the Polar Cities Research Institute which is
studying the feasibility of polar cities as safe refuges for climate refugee survivors in the future, and he said to us in a sit down interivew on August 1, 2012:

Danny BLOOM; ''You see, most of these professionals get MONEY from giving lectures at

conferences and seminars, from

Bill McKibben to Andrew Revkin at the NYTimes, Joseph Romm and david Roberts, virutally
everyone, Dr Muller too. and in addition to

lecture fees, from $5000 to $50,000 per lecture,

they also teach at universities which hire them because they are

dependable and legitimate and because

these people STILL OFFER HOPE,.....they STILL OFFER

the lecture organizers and the mainstream media like the NYTimes and the AP want

people who offer SOLUTIONS so the audiecne will go home happy.....same

with college courses, they msut'

make the students HAPPY by offerering soltuions -- geoengineering,

wind farms, solar power, etc...-- and

nobody wants to HIRE a lecturer like me or author Jim Laughter who wrote POLAR CITY RED this year, just a fiction novel, nothing to be afraid of, yet nobody will review the book or inteerview him, because me and Jim we say ITS OVER, the

bAD STUFF is coming, BUT we can

still prepare to help survivors SURVIVE in poalr cities.....THAT IS

NOT A HAPPY MESSAGE, nobody wants

to pay for a lecture on that theme, or to teach a class at colelge on

that theme, or to buy a book on that theme./...SIGh..

they only wants SOLUTUIONS to get us out of this mess. BUT THERE ARE

NO soltuions, it is too late...but

even McKibbien is in denial, ...., they are all in denial, even my friend Andrew Revkin, he has
a future to think about, and I don't, that is why my mind can go as far as the POLAR CITIES eventuality, bceause i can see the future, sicne I have no future, even the

climate activists are in denail because they

still seek SOLUTIONS to stopping CO2......but...there are NO

solutions...the only REAL solution is to PREPARE

for what is coming 100 years from now or later, and start THINKING

about poalr citis Now, as survival SOLUTIONS..

but nobody wants to go there YET..

there is NO MONEY is telling people there is NO HOPE....for

humankind,....but THERE IS HOPE in PREPARING with polar cities

for our descedabntrs 200 years from now.....nobody wants to look at

that in the face...... i get it Jim Laughter gets it, READ his bool but .....99 percent DO NOT GET


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