Monday, April 12, 2010

PRESS RELEASE -- Taiwan artist exhibits pioneering futuristic images about polar cities in year 2500 AD at New York City art gallery....

theme is climate change....

APRIL 17, 2010

Taiwanse artist Deng Cheng-hong uses 3D illustrations to raise global
warming awareness

-- Art show in New York City features 3 works by pioneering climate
visionary from Taiwan

NEW YORK -- With the impact of global warming unfolding before our

eyes, more human beings could end up living in polar regions as they

might be the last places on the planet with tolerable temperatures. A

Taiwanese artist, Deng Cheng-hong, 41, has created a series of

three-dimensional illustrations portraying the idea of a possible

future world - "polar cities" or " sustainable polar retreats" (SPRs)

- to call the public's attention to the issue. Three of his

illustrations from the series are on exhibit now in New York City at

the Chashama Gallery at 112 West 44th Street.

The show opens on April 17 and runs for a month, according to Simon

Draper, the American curator of the show who invited Deng to show his

works there, marking the first time the Taiwanese artist has shown his

work overseas.

Simon, who also curates Habitat for Artists (HFA) in New York says

that HFA was initiated in 2007

and is a long-term collaborative initiative that addresses notions

about sustainability as a central component of an artist’s working

process. With this theme in mind, Deng was invited to show his works

from his ''polar cities'' series, which were inspired by the work of

UK scientist James Lovelock.

Deng is a visual designer living in Chiayi, southern Taiwan, is the

first person in the world to create these images on what the future

might look like for survivors of global warming in the year 2500. He

says that as global warming is an "inconvenient truth" that humans are

forced to face, and he hopes his illustrations can serve as a wake up


"I hope this will give people a clearer idea of what polar cities

could be likeand get them to do something about global warming," said


Writing in the British newspaper The Independent in January 2006,

Lovelock argued that as a result of global warming "billions of us

will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in

the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable" by the end of the 21st


Deng told CNA in an interview two years ago (with CNA reporter Rachel

Chan) that his polar cities are designed to house humans in the

future, in the event that global warming causes the central and middle

regions of the Earth to become uninhabitable for a long period of


Deng admits that his images are no more than a "what if" scenario, but

said he wanted to make people aware of the issue of global warming.





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