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The story of a father and his two sons: Birdd, Tom and Steven

The story of a father and his two sons: Birdd, Tom and Steven

by Dan Bloom

CHIAYI CITY -- Birdd is a father, a husband and a school teacher. His two sons are Tom and Steven. A few years ago, Birdd and Tom went on a trip around the island of Taiwan -- on a motorscooter. Young brother Steven stayed home in Chiayi with his mother and watched the news of the trip on his computer. Every day, Birdd and Tom would send photos to Steven via email. So Steven could watch the trip on his computer.

Birdd and Tom said they had a good time. They liked going to Juifen and eating beef noodle soup. They also visited Taitung and Kenting and Hualien. Everywhere they went they say many interesting things and met many interesting people, Tom said.

In Kaohsiung, they watched a World Pool Tournament. Tom said he really liked that!
Steven also said he saw Tom TV watching the pool tournament. That is amazing!

Birdd and Tom ate many good food dishes on their trip, including oyster omelettes in Lukang.

Birdd said for him the most important part of the trip was "talking to my son while we were driving around Taiwan together." To see some photos look here:

Birdd and his two sons Tom and Steven are part of a great family -- Mom, too!

Together, this family makes Chiayi a wonderful place to live!

2005/07/02 first day (Chayi , ULin, Changwha)

2005/07/03 second day (Changwha, Taichong, MioLi, SinJu)

2005/07/04 third day (Sinju, TowUan)

2005/07/05 fourth day (TowUan, Taipei, ChLong)

2005/07/06 fifth day (Taipei, ChLong, Elang)

2005/07/07 sixth day (Elang, WhaLang)

2005/07/08 Seventh day (WhaLang, TaiDong)

2005/07/09 eighth day (TaiDong, PingDong)

2005/07/10 ninth day (PingDong, KaoShong)

2005/07/11 tenth day (Kaoshong, Tainan, Chayi)

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