Friday, April 17, 2009

A Water Faucet In a Tree Trunk, I Kid You Not!

Water flows from a faucet sticking out of the trunk of a tree in Kaohsiung in soutner Taiwan, I kid you not. A Taiwanese man carved an indentation in the trunk around 20 years ago and installed a water pipe. The tree, now called “The Magical Tree” by residents, grew to surround the water pipe, leaving only the faucet visible.

Note: In the Chinese-language, water faucet is "sui long tou", meaning WATER DRAGON HEAD


Anonymous said...

This photo reminds me what my father and many others told me about the Nationalist Chinese soldiers when they arrived in Taiwan in 1945 and there-after. Many of these Nationalist Chinese soldiers, with guns, ripped off the water faucets from Taiwanese civilians' homes and stuck them into the walls in their own occupied residencies, hoping the water will flow.


dan said...

that is an amazing story, sir, and i believe you. that history of Taiwan is a long and tragic one at times, yes. I have read a few books about this and my friends in Taiwan from the DPP have told me many horror stories.....but hopefulluy things will get better and everyone will get along better and the world will recognize Taiwan as a great and wonderrful NATION.......