Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swinging His Way to Heaven

A unique religious festival takes place in Chiayi City in southern Taiwan every few years, according to the lunar calendar, in which a giant bamboo swing is slung over a giant bamboo swing set -- with participants invited to swing as high as they can and in so doing bring blessings upon themselves and their loved ones. About 1,000 festival-goers flock to a small shrine near Chiayi University to watch the entertaining festivities. Kids, especially, love the spectacle!

Warning: don't try this at home!


dan said...

Good gosh
old men swing 3 buildings high

The full white hair's old man, stands on 3 meter high swing makes an effort to proceed to swing, swings high, under the audience cheers is louder. Audience: “a bit faster, a bit faster.” 70 year-old man both hands closely hold the swing, more swings is higher, has a look to suspend nearby swing's gauge rule, venerable swings to 3 buildings is high, what is really the boldness because of one's skill, not only so, he also asks the human to perform together two person swings. Participant: “squats pushes out like this, behind pulls back like this again.” The participant more swings is higher, watches the populace to look scared, as soon as but careful looked, these 12 meter high swing frame, is bamboo making completely, under does not have the security protecting wire net, on the participant body only then the safety belt with the snap ring, let the human look really has pinched cold sweat. Participant: among “the sole cannot tread, must tread in front here, is like this quite powerful.” In order to celebrate the Daoist deity birthday, holds the swinging big game in the Jiayi temple, was originally the same year must expel plague to swing the ceremony, now instead became has attracted tourist's advertisement.

Anonymous said...

好膽量!七旬翁盪3樓高 民眾驚呼
TVBS╱辜士陞 2009-03-29 19:23 調整字級:




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Anonymous said...

嘉義市光路里 高空盪鞦韆大賽29日登場
中廣新聞網╱劉怡伶 2009-03-29 06:01 調整字級:




dan said...

In the Jiayi path of rays the upper air swinging big game on 29th is taken to the threshing ground Broad news net ╱ Liu Yiling 2009-03-29 06:01 Adjustment character level: Jiayi “in the path of rays” the community still retains an item of biography to raid more than 200 years upper air until now to swing the big game, reached as high as more than ten meter swing already 夠 scary, in addition soul-stirring swaying, let the human shout straight satisfies a craving; Today (on March 29) will be taken to the threshing ground once again. 200-300 years ago, in the Jiayi path of rays the resident infects disease frequently, until divides the spirit after Fujian to come (Daoist deity which) implores, only then gradually improves, the resident repays the god celebration, some people erect the swing frame by the long bamboo, carries on the competition; Each bamboo's length wants the high 12 meters, the diameter also to surpass the stipulation the size, approximately about the lunar calendar new year's celebration, must start to seek for the bamboo material, moreover must decorate after the Daoist deity temple the incense table prays, the peaceful pile is appropriate, guarantees the security. A swing entire construction divides into 8 standards, represents the Eight Diagrams to be limitless, the locality said that this kind of swing frame is “the century frame”, represents Daoist deity's unsurpassed invincible might. The upper air swings the competition already is in path of rays's characteristic culture, the local young people accepted this skill training since childhood, participates enthusiastically on the competition, unfolds the uncommon skill which the upper air sways.

dan said...